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Water pressure washing


   Water pressure washing can clean the dirt, grime, moss, and lichen
 from your paths, patios, drives and decking. This accumulates over time on all paths if it gets too bad it can become very slippery and dangerous to walk on so.

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Patio before pressure washing
patio after cleaning with pressure washer
A patio area before and after pressure washing
water pressure washing decking
decking pressure washing work in progress
Decking -- work in PROGRESS
A patio in the process of  being pressure washed
  the pressure washer we usea
More work in progress
The pressure washer we use

BEFORE water pressure washing block paving path

Block paving BEFORE


AFTER water pressure washing block work path

Block paving AFTER

PLEASE NOTE-- Some VERY ground in oil stains will not totally disappear BUT will be very much improved

brickweave before pressure wash

Brickweave drive BEFORE


brickweave after pressure wash

Brickweave drive AFTER


Completed pressure washed Brickweave drive

After pressure washing we brush over the whole area with kiln dried sand
COMPLETED cleaned Brickweave drive
block paved driveway
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Please contact US should you want pressure washing of paths and patios.
Thank you.
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Completed block paved drive