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Maintenance title for regular, grass, lawn, hedge, tree maintence

Regular grass, lawn and garden maintenance   


   We can maintain your garden on a regular basis throughout the year. This includes cutting the grass, weed and feeding it when necessary and scarifying it. We also cut hedges and prune trees and shrubs.

SCARIFYING -- is where we rake out moss and weeds that have grown in your lawn then make small holes in the soil so it can breath. This is usually done prior to weeding and feeding the lawn grass.

One off garden tidies are something we can also do. These are priced per job.

We do need to see the gardens before any price can be given for any of our work.


ANOTHER THING we do to try and keep updated with the times as realise people have busy lives so it can be difficult to be about for quotes.

So if you want a very ROUGH GUIDE ONLY on a price you can always email us some photographs of your garden and lawned area that you want prices for and we will give an estimated email price. This will give you an idea. Also include a brief explanation as to what garden work and maintenance you want done.

BELOW are some pictures

but even more on our facebook page from link below.


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a garden regularly maintained
flower beds and the lawn of garden regularly maintained throughout the year
A garden regularly maintained
Flower beds and lawns maintained
we maintain car parks as well
public spaces and gardens maintained regularly
We also look after the maintenance of car parks and do litter picking, removing leaves and looking after any planted areas within the space as well
Public spaces and garden areas regularly maintained and looked after. This we do on a yearly contract basis
a hedge in the process of being cut
  hedge completed and cut
A hedge in the process of being reduced in height
Hedge now completed and more manageable again

overgrown grassed lawn


same lawn cut still patchy and needs more work with weed and feed and scarifying

Garden lawn been left and become overgrown. One of our sit and ride on mowers soon tackles the job
The same lawn. Still patchy in parts but regular weed and feed will help. It will take time and care it can been brought back to lush green again

garden been rotivated, trench ready for tree planting nowr


trees planted in new garden

A garden that has been rotavated, trench dug for trees to be planted for a screen
The start of a new garden with trees planted
lush green lawn as has regular lawn grass maintenance

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Lush green lawn that has had regular lawn treatment throughout the year on one of our regular garden maintenance garden contracts.  


For all MAINTENANCE enquiries please contact
Luke on:

OFFICE: 01366   328188
MOBILE: 07703  337202